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Work Spaces
Languages and Tools

Software Development Environment and Tools:

Language Compilers:

  • C, C++, Java compilers and Perl/CGI on SUN/HP operating System.
  • VB, VC++, Borland C++, Power Builder, Vfox Pro, Delphi, Java (Java Sun Workshop, MS J++, IBM Visual Age for Java and C++, Perl/CGI, Interdev ASP and assembler on NT operating system.

Database Tools:

  • Sybase 11.x, Sybase IQ data warehousing servers with C interface for SUN and HP platform for development.
  • Oracle 7.x and Oracle 8 with C, C++, JDBC, ODBC tools for Sun, HP, NT, Dec Alpha platform.
  • Oracle developer 2000 studio.
  • Sybase Power Builder packages.
  • Microsoft SQL server and Access with VB, PB and Active server page interface for NT platform.
  • Informix 7 server with C lib for HP platform.

Design Tools and GUI Builders:

  • Erwin and OO design tools for software methodology design.
  • ISO 9000 certification for developed software.
  • X/Motif Screen design tools.
  • Power Builder.
  • MS Visual Basic.
  • JAYC/JAM .7.0 for NT and UNIX.
  • Oracle Software Cartridges.
  • MS Front Page 98 and Interdev Studio.