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Telecommunications and Databases
Web Development and Software Support

Telecommunication Long distance Network Monitoring Software Development and Support:

  • Currently we are supporting software developed by a major US based telecom company. We provide our support services to 14 countries across the globe using our US and offshore facility. As well as we also have expertise in writing layer 3-5 related software for the telecom transmission Network.
  • Expertise in writing X.25, TAB and other low-level communication protocol related software.

Relational database Systems:

  • We have in-depth knowledge of handling large volume database servers on the UNIX platform. (Performance Tuning, Replication, Data Security, Transaction Management, Data Access layer design, SQL query tuning, ER design)
  • Data format conversion (Our Engineers have worked on several large size projects to convert data from one format to other)
  • Data Migration services (we provide data migration from Sybase to Oracle and vice versa)
  • We have expertise in setting major RDMS servers on Unix and NT environment.
  • We are Sybase synergy partners since 1992.
  • We are oracle alliance partners since 1998.