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Our professionals understand the critical need for effective information movement and management in order to align resources with markets, overcome geographic and organizational constraints and create efficient, profitable operations. We have the management experience to analyze business communications problems and distill a myriad of business process, technological and organizational detail into crisp, focused business solutions. Our experience with the latest techniques in process reengineering, quality management, "best-in-class" benchmarking and performance validation can be applied to both assess your existing plans, and assist in developing new courses of action.

Excom differentiates itself from other consulting firms by bringing together in one firm the associates who possess the skill and experience to provide world class consulting credentials together with industry technical and functional process skills. These skills are augmented by the practical organizational and leadership experience of our team. Through training in consulting tools and through our assignment processes, our key personnel are able to demonstrate to our clients all necessary skills before they are assigned leadership positions in your critical projects.

Thus, Excom is uniquely positioned to bring unmatched experience in Organizational & Leadership Skills, Functional Process Knowledge, Technical Knowledge and Consulting Skills to complement and advise you and your staff in a flexible, cost-effective and highly professional way.