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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Excom Inc. provides business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing services to companies in the telecommunications, utility and financial services industries. It works with senior managers in its client companies to identify new product opportunities, developing business cases and building prototypes of new products prior to commercialization. Current clients include a telecommunications equipment manufacturer in New Jersey, a competitive local carrier in Texas, a telephone operating company in Virginia, a global carriersí carrier, a money center bank in New York and wireless data service provider in Europe.

The firmís experience and expertise includes Strategic Planning, Electronic Commerce, Business Development, Project Management, Process Re-engineering, Network Management & Operations and Product Management. The firm has partnership arrangements with other companies to enhance its range of services and is constantly seeking to enhance these partnership arrangements with firms providing complementary skills. Some of the memberís resumes are included for review.

In particular, Excom has access to a 4000 sq. ft. fully Internet connected, ISO 9002 certified software development facility in the US, with a T1 connection to its branch in India, which has a 20,000 sq. ft. facility and over 80 employees. Specific outsourcing capabilities include (1) Document Creation & Maintenance (2) Custom Software Development (3) Web Content Development (4) System & Network Setup and Administration. A detailed description is included in the following pages.

Excom is also doing R&D and technology transfer with Russian Nuclear Laboratories under joint agreement with the United States Department of Energy. Some of the technologies being developed can be easily deployed in the Business-to-Business electronic commerce area, in the USA and abroad.

Excom is a minority and women owned small business. New York New Jersey Minority Purchasing Council Inc. and New Jersey State has certified it.