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Commitments and Services

Excom is committed to:

  • Superior Value as Perceived by Our Clients
  • Total Quality Management Principles and Practices
  • Highest Degree of Professionalism and Business Ethics
  • Effective, Timely Knowledge Transfer to Client Organization

Excom services are provided across the global business and institutional communities with particular focus on the telecommunications and telecommunications related information technology industry. In this industry the firm has broad engagement experience and the professional resources necessary to support service providers and hardware/software vendors requiring expertise in the following industry sectors:

  • Wireline
  • Wireless
  • Multimedia
  • Satellite
  • Software Development
  • Training in new technologies

Within each of these sectors Excom has proven capability of providing support in the following consulting services disciplines:

  • Strategy Development
  • Plan Development
  • Implementation Management
  • Operation Assessment and Management

Within each of these disciplines we have world class capabilities in supporting clients requiring assistance in the following functional areas:

The following is a detailed outline of Excom's cabilities in each of these functional areas:

Corporate Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Mergers and Acquisition Planning
  • Organizational Design
  • Personnel Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Quality Control
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Fraud Detection and Management

Business Planning and Management Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies/Business Case Development
  • Organization and Functional Design
  • Potential Partner Identification/Assessment
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Risk Management
  • Business Readiness Validation
  • Merger and Acquisition Support

Market/Product Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Market Assessment and Market Research
  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • Product Planning and Product Management
  • Pricing Strategies and Analysis
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Sales Process and Management
  • Performance Validation
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment

Network Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • New Technology Assessment
  • Network Design/Implementation/Validation
  • Service Continuity and Risk Management
  • Project Management

Operations Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • Service Process Development/Improvement/Validation
  • Organization/Center Design
  • Project Management

Interconnect Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • Government Regulations and Budgeting
  • Organization of Interconnect Functions
  • Negotiating Interconnect Agreements
  • Ordering, Provisioning and Billing for Interconnect
  • Project Management

Financial Planning and Management Includes:

  • Macro Economic Analysis
  • Venture Viability Analysis
  • Financial Strategies and Modeling
  • Cost Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Corporate Books Process Design/Improvement/Validation

IT Planning and Implementation Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • New Technology Assessment and Risk Management
  • Data Network Design and Implementation
  • System Continuity and Risk Management
  • Performance Validation
  • Software Development

Telecom Industry Policy and Regulatory Planning Includes:

  • Strategy Development/Assessment
  • Privatization Planning and Implementation
  • Telecom National Sector Studies
  • Market Transition Planning
  • Tariff Analysis and Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

Knowledge Transfer Seminars Includes:

  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Organizational
  • Regulatory
  • Industry Evolution