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Barry H. Soloway, Principal Strategy Consultant

Barry H. Soloway is a pragmatic senior executive, management consultant and technology leader. With over thirty years of corporate, start up and consulting experience, Barry provides interim executive services for strategic redirection, due diligence, acquisition integration, product marketing, competitive assessment, product development and technology forecasting.

Barry’s corporate experience covers many segments of the telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry. Barry has served as senior executive with such companies as ITT, Bell Labs, TimePlex Group, Verilink and Charles Industries. His technical expertise includes CO, CPE and Local Loop equipments, embracing XDSL, T/E carrier, Frame Relay, ATM and IP transport technologies as applied to voice, data and video switches, access products and network management software for ILEC’s, CLEC’s and private enterprises.

Some of Barry Soloway’s telecommunications experience includes:

  • Senior VP Operations & Development for a turnaround in the telecom equipment market. Responsible for engineering, marketing, manufacturing and quality organizations worldwide.
  • VP Engineering for two mature telecom equipment manufacturers requiring transition from mature product lines to state-of-the-art technologies and development methodologies.
  • Introduced the use of Object Oriented Analysis and Design for top-level system requirements definition.
  • Provided technical oversight for seven manufacturing plants and improved productivity and margins through improved design techniques and cost reductions.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of an ATM access concentrator manufacturer and an intelligent T3 mux manufacturer.
  • Performed due diligence on the ATM access concentrator market, participated in the acquisition of a company and the integration of that company into the corporation.
  • Steered corporate marketing direction to enhanced Network Assurance capability with a differentiated approach using embedded agents to provide proactive network and application performance visibility in multi-vendor, multiple technology networks.
  • Guided development of Voice-over-Frame Relay, ATM and IP networks using state-of-the-art voice compression technologies.
  • Led efforts improve policies and procedures across all functional areas, leading to ISO-9001 registration on the first attempt.
  • Defined the video PBX market niche, and directed product development of a user-friendly desktop video conferencing product line.
  • Provided technology and market leadership for the emerging XDSL transport technologies as applied to CO and CPE Local Loop systems.
  • Directed product definition and product development of access multiplexers and mini-DACS’s with Frame Relay, SMDS and ATM capabilities.
  • Editor-in-Chief of ANSI T1E1.4 Committee’s HDSL Technical Report.
  • Directed worldwide technology development projects at fourteen labs in six countries for a multi-national company.
  • Chaired a one-day senior management briefing on “Competition in the Local Access Market” at SuperComm-96.
  • Chaired a three session track on “Multimedia Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies” at NCF-95.

Barry Soloway earned an MS in Electrical Engineering from New York University and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Barry is a Senior Member of the IEEE.