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Ajay Jain, Managing Partner

Ajay Jain heads the Excom team. He is a seasoned executive and consultant in the telecommunications and information technology field with several recent senior executive and entrepreneurial experiences. Mr. Jain brings over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications and information technology industries where he has developed and managed the realization of innovative communications and information systems and services.

Some of Mr. Jainís experiences include:

  • Developed E-commerce strategy for Business to Business for a major telecommunication company. This company would act as a mediator on all the transactions executed on their global network. Developed the architecture and tactical plan to implement the business model.
  • Designed and helped in implementing Global Crossingís worldwide fiber optic broadband network. Designed a data communication network for Integrated Network Management Systems for the global network. The network utilized different medias and is spread all over the world. Consulted project mangers in negotiating the contracts with the vendors. Defined addressing scheme to be used throughout their Data Communication Network. Developed model for capacity planning & Network Engineering.
  • Introduced Fax and Voice Global services over Internet. Evaluated different vendors whose technologies can be utilized. Represented AT&T in TR29 committee of ITU in defining standards for Fax.
  • Defined Intranet and Extranet based strategic services & bundled offerings for a major Internet Service Provider.
  • Defined the future architecture of AT&T Communication Services for year 2000 and beyond. Evaluated technologies, competitive products and services that are utilizing Advanced Intelligent Network, Multimedia, ATM and Lotus Notes.
  • Developed surround strategy and example applications for UNIX and LAN based platform for a major Telecommunications Company. Conceptualized and implemented an Application Connectivity Platform based on the client server technology for use in strategic business applications.
  • Directing 2 Million dollars R&D and technology transfer program from Russia to the Western world.
  • He has been angel investor in four Internet startup companies. He has provided his services to the venture capitalists also.

Mr. Jainís experience and expertise includes Strategic Planning, Electronic Commerce, Business Development, Project Management, Process Re-engineering, and Product Management. He technical strengths include Voice and Data Network Architecture, ATM, SONET, Advanced Intelligent Networks, TMN, Internet, Intranet & Extranet designs, Transaction Processing & Fault Tolerant Systems, System Integration, Performance Modeling, Distributed Computing and Work Flow Automation. Prior to joining Excom, Mr. Jain was with AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs for six years. He implemented and managed a program to introduce new Internet based services.

Mr. Jain has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Masters in Systems Engineering from University of Maine and an Executive MBA, in Finance from Suffolk University, Boston. He has also attended executive program at Columbia University and management consultant training program of IBM. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE. He has Professional Engineer certification from Ontario, Canada and holds Certificate in data processing from International Institute.

He was a Senior Management Consultant with IBM consulting group. He has been granted six US, five European, three Canadian patents and nine are at different stages in the patent offices around the world. He has been on the technical advisory boards of AT&T, Bear and Sterns, JP Morgan, Vertel and Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA.